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Question and Answers

Each student has access to the course they purchase for a full year.

It depends on how many hours each day you devote to the course. Our courses are completed at your own pace. If you are able to retain and master the nursing skills, then you can finish the course in a shorter amount of time. If you have a background in or are familiar with nursing, then you should finish it much faster.

We have a page that assists you with the medicaid application process. You must see if you qualify for Medicaid funded Adult Foster Care where you get paid to assist your family member with Activities for Daily Living (ADL). We offer this page as a courtesy because some of our clients are looking to educate themselves to only help and assist their family. In the event you require basic training to qualify for Adult Foster Care it is suggested that you only take our PCA online course. Visit this website and fill out their form to see if you qualify.

Our HHA course is progressed at your own pace. This allows our students to have a convenient and affordable learning experience. Each student has access to their HHA course for a full year.

No. We offer a nursing course combination bundle as a one time courtesy to make sure you are not only prepared for the present, but also prepared for your future; When you wish to advance your nursing career. This bundle doesn’t carry over with previouses purchases made with one course or the other.

You can decide if you want to attend a 120 hour in person class for months or weeks, that will cost hundreds of dollars; Or you can decide to just take our CNA Online Course and save yourself hundreds of dollars. You don’t need to waste time and gas driving to a classroom. You will have your CNA Course available 24/7 Online every day of the week. Many states allow you to challenge the state exam, contact your nursing registry to make sure our course will meet your needs.

If you can find another CNA or HHA online course that offers everything we offer for a lower price, we will match it. We encourage our students to look at all other possibilities for education before enrolling in our courses. We are in the business of making medical professionals and want you to be successful in your career.

After you enroll and you feel ready to take the state exam, you can register with the state and register as a Challenger.

If you do not have previous experience or employment in the Home care field; It is procedure for the HHA agency to require you to take a competency exam. Passing this will show them you are qualified to work as an HHA. Every agency is different you should know the requirements for employment at your desired HHA Agency.

A CNA can work in a nursing home, hospital or private practice. An HHA works specifically in a home setting of the patient, providing one on one care.

The difference is, you don’t have to drive to a class room on a set schedule, which costs time and gas money. You don’t need to buy books or medical equipment, which you may never use again. You can learn at your own pace, on your schedule, and in the comfort of your own home and any other place with internet access.

A CNA works with many clients in a facility or hospital and they’re training is based on making sure they can safely work with clients that are in close proximity of each other. An HHA works one on one with a single client and helps them with their daily activities. So while the training for HHA’s and CNA’s are similar they are also very different.

The exam consists of a written test and a clinical test. The written test asks you questions about procedures and how to deal with certain problems. The clinical test will consist of 3 randomly chosen nursing skills. (There are 21 to choose from.) It is very important you master all the nursing skills before challenging the state exam.

After successful completion of our course you will receive your certificate by email 2-3 business days.

No. We do not require to complete any section you are already certified in.

The way we are able to provide students with affordable nursing courses is due to the fact we are completely online. We do not have to pay rent on a building, an electric bill, and pay instructors to teach you information you can teach yourself. Do not let the inexpensive price fool you. We have not compromised the quality of education in any of our online nursing courses.

Of course! After purchasing any of our courses you will be automatically forwarded to a registration page. You will create your profile with us and than be issued your course log in information.

The price of our CNA Online Course is $119.99.
The price of our HHA Online Course is $99.99.
The price of our HHA & CNA Online Course is $159.99
The price of our PCA Online Course is $49.99
You can enroll here.

Some people who purchase our courses have no need or desire to pay for certification. So in order to keep our courses affordable we offer certification as a separate option. If you wish to have your certification mailed to you, please call (303)-880-9383 and our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Unfortunately, at this time financial aid is not available for our course. However, when hired you will typically be offered a reimbursement for the course by your employer.

We have multiple ways you can contact us by email and phone. All of these options are located on our Contact us Page, please visit it for further information.

Your payment information is transferred over Paypal’s SSL encrypted checkout page, this insures that it cannot be decrypted during transmission. Paypal does not store any credit card information on file. Your personal information is completely safe.

No, the course certification is included in your course enrollment fee. If you successfully complete the final exam. We will notify you by email with 24 hours. Your certificate of completion along with additional information will be email address provided within 2 business days.

Simply go to the Contact us page and request to have your password sent to your email. Be sure to include your full name and Email that you used when paying with Paypal.

After you check out with Paypal you need to go to the contact us page. Let us know you just finished purchasing the course. We will verify your payment. When your payment clears we will email you your username and password. This usually takes less than 24 hours.

Please check your email’s spam folder. Sometimes our emails our sent there.

The customer is responsible to know their state’s certification requirements and personal employment preferences before purchase. There is a Non-refundable $30 service fee for all transactions. Any transaction over 24 hour is only refundable at the owner discretion.