First Aide Exam

Welcome to your First Aide Exam.

Please type in your full name and email address. And do your best to answer correctly. You must get an 80% or better to receive your certificate. Good Luck

1. A bite from an undomesticated animal may require a rabies shot.
2. A broken bone always results in compound fracture.
3. The elderly bruise easier than healthy adults and children.
4. 3rd degree burn is the least serious classification.
5. Ask a choking victim if he needs assistance before performing the Heimlich Maneuver.
6. Cuts and scrapes should be thoroughly cleaned with soap & water.
7. Electric shock is almost never dangerous or life-threatening.
8. A serious head injury requires immediate medical attention.
9. A nosebleed is usually a symptom of a serious injury.
10. A puncture wound does not usually bleed profusely.

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