CNA Exam

Welcome to your CNA Exam.

To receive your course completion certificate you must pass the following test with at least a 80%. Once you successfully complete and submit your test you will be forwarded to the certification request page. Fill out all the requested information and submit. You should receive your certification Via email within 3 to 5 business days.

1. When the client has a left sided weakness which side of the sweater do you put on first?

2. It’s ok to share a patient’s information with your friends and family?

3. What do we call exercises that work all the muscles and joints?

4. The Heimlich maneuver is used on a patient that?

5. Wearing gloves protects you and the patient from?

6. If the nurse aide discovers fire in a patient's room the first thing they should do is?

7. To prevent the spread of infection, the nurse aide should strip the bed of soiled items, hold them away from body and put them in the proper bin?

8. A client needs to be re-positioned, but is a little heavy. The nurse aide is worried they may not be able to move them alone. What should the nurse aide do?

9. You’re changing a catheter and notice the blood in the urine... do you notify the supervisor and document??

10. A safety device used to lift a dependent patient from bed to chair is called?

11. A nurse aide enters a client's room and realizes they are in pain, what should the nurse aide do?

12. When feeding a resident, frequent coughing can be a sign the resident is:

13. To help prevent the spread of germs between patients, nurse aides should:

14. When a sink has hand-control faucets, the nurse aide should use:

15. Which of the following, if observed as a sudden change in the resident, is considered a possible warning sign of a stroke:

HHA Agency Email you are working with:

Please provide the email of the Home Health agency you will be working with. If none disregard

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