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To receive your course completion certificate you must pass the following test with at least a 80%. Once you complete and submit your test please allow 2 business days for your results to be Emailed to you. Upon successful completion of this exam you will be issued your certification of HHA course completion; Via email within 3 to 5 business days. To have your certification mailed to you please call our customer service number located on our contact us page.

1. The temperature probe with a red label, only goes in the rectum?
2. You must always test blood sugar, 2-4 hours after a meal?
3. You can hang a bladder bag anywhere it clips onto, as long as its out of the way?
4. Never roll a patient on their weak side?
5. Always use a barrier towel when setting your supplies somewhere?
6. When preforming the Range of Motion Skill always do two repetitions of each exercise?
7. When emptying a urinary bag don't touch the drainage tube on the graduated cylinder?
8. Washing your hands should take at least a minute?
9. Always roll linens down and away from the client?
10. If you ever need help with a client's care, you can always contact your supervisor?
11. What is the average blood pressure?
12. When performing the Bedpan skill what do you do before placing the bed pan under the client?
13. You can always decide when to check a client's glucose level?
14. When changing an occupied bed we undo the fitted sheet and roll it toward the patient?
15. When deflating the cuff during a blood pressure skill what signals the systolic pressure?
16. When moving a client to the standing position what do you always ask them?
17. Can you discuss one client’s information with another?
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