Infection Control Exam

Welcome to your Infection Control Exam.

1. The purpose of Universal Precautions is to prevent or minimize exposure to blood borne pathogens:

2. Hand washing is the most effective way to prevent infection.:

3. Gloves are not necessary when working in the home:

4. AIDS has never been diagnosed from an Occupational Exposure:

5. The best way to prevent cuts and sticks is to minimize contact with sharps.:

6. Reporting an exposure incident right away permits immediate follow-up:

7. It is only necessary to wash your hands for the full two (2) minutes, twice a day:

8. There are three types of isolation precautions.:

9. Airborne isolation is used with patients with an infection spread by droplets in the air:

10.Universal Precautions are not recommended by the Center for Disease Control:

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