PCA Exam

Welcome to your PCA Exam.

To receive your course completion certificate you must pass the following test with at least a 80%. Once you successfully complete and submit your test you will be forwarded to the certification request page. Fill out all the requested information and submit. You should receive your certification Via email within 3 to 5 business days.

1. The temperature probe with a red label, only goes in the rectum:

2. You can decide when to test blood sugar?

3. You can hang a bladder bag anywhere it clips onto, as long as its out of the way:

4. Never roll a patient on their weak side:

5. Always use a barrier towel when setting your supplies somewhere:

6. When preforming the Range of Motion Skill always do one repetitions of each exercise:

7. When emptying a urinary bag don't touch the drainage tube on the graduated cylinder:

8. Washing your hands should at least take two minutes:

9. Always roll dirty linens down and away from the patient:

10. If you ever need help with a patient's care, you can always contact your supervisor?

11. Whats the average blood pressure?

12. When performing the Bedpan skill what do you do before placing the chuck pad under the client?

13. You can tell if a person has HIV just by looking at them?

14. When performing the Blood Pressure Skill, when "deflating" the cuff what will signal the systolic pressure?

15. Whenever moving a patient in the standing position what do you always ask them?

16. Can you discuss a client's information with your friends?

17. What is the main reason for covering your mouth or nose when coughing or sneezing?

18. Pressure ulcers are most likely to develop:

Home Care Agency Email:

Please provide the email of the HHA agency you will work with. If you aren't with with an agency please disregard

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